Preserving Treasured Legacies: A Workshop on Gathering Family Memories

A photograph of the Kemp family, who are posing for a family portrait.

Family portrait of Frederick Kemp, Emma Frances Kemp and children, Melbourne, circa 1886 [Museums Victoria]

This workshop will guide you through discovering, collecting, and preserving the invaluable stories and experiences of your family’s history and heritage. Our speakers will share their knowledge, techniques, and practical tips to help you embark on a fulfilling journey of preserving your family’s legacy.

There will be tips on the following:

  • Conducting meaningful interviews with your family members.
  • Methods and mediums for documenting and preserving family memories.
  • Organising and cataloguing your collected materials, whether physical or digital, to create a cohesive family archive.
  • Understanding the importance of preserving intangible aspects of your family’s culture, such as traditions, recipes, music, and language.

This workshop is in partnership with WEA Sydney.

When: Thursday, 9 November at 11 am to 1 pm.

Where: Online via Zoom.


About the speakers

Pauline Curby is a professional historian who has undertaken consultancies in oral history, environmental history and heritage, as well as writing commissioned histories. Her publications include Seven Miles from Sydney: A history of Manly and Randwick. Pauline won the 2010 NSW Premier’s Award (Regional and Community History) and received the NSW History Fellowship in 2011. Pauline’s oral history consultancies include: ‘Telling it as it was’ oral history project (2006–2017) – Sutherland Shire; Recording Ryde’s Oral History Project (1997–1999); Australian Customs Service Oral History Project (2001–2002); ‘A career in the Australian shipping industry’ (2004). Pauline is President of the Sutherland Shire Historical Society.

Heather Garnsey joined the Society of Australian Genealogists (SAG) in 1984 and was its Executive Officer from 1988 until her retirement at the end of February 2020. Heather is an Honorary Member and Fellow of SAG, an Honorary Fellow of the Heraldry and Genealogy Society of Canberra and was the joint recipient of the AFFHO Award for Meritorious Service to Family History in 2015. She holds a Masters degree in English History and SAG’s Diploma in Family Historical Studies. In her retirement, she is enjoying having time to spend on her own family history research.

Christine Yeats is an archivist, historical researcher and active supporter of local historical societies. Her research interests include the history of the Romani (Gypsies) in nineteenth-century Australia and attempts to introduce a silk industry into the Australian colonies. Christine has undertaken a range of consultancy projects including significance assessments, biographical and local history research. She is President of the Federation of Australian Historical Societies, Senior Vice-President of the RAHS and a member of the Professional Historians Association (NSW & ACT). Her recent publication is Handy Guide: Convict Records of NSW: The Human Stories of the Transportation System (2021).

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