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The Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society (JRAHS) is a peer-reviewed history journal. First published in 1906, it is the oldest journal of Australian history. The JRAHS publishes original, non-fiction scholarly articles, reviews and images on Australian history. All articles undergo an independent, anonymous review by appropriately qualified historians prior to acceptance. The JRAHS is published in June and December. The JRAHS has a Green Open Access policy. Read the latest issue’s media release.

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From the Editor

It is no small feature of the JRAHS that it is Australia’s oldest historical journal. It has developed, grown and changed for over a century, both with the times and under the editorial direction of its stewards. As we celebrate our storied history and look to the future, I am excited to announce an evolution in our mission — one that bridges the gap between the traditional and the contemporary, between academia and professional history. I want to make history more user-friendly and, with the JRAHS as the vehicle for that change, to be more accessible. To that end, particularly as the JRAHS seeks to engage more with its members and local historians, the new ‘Interpret an Image’ is being adopted. This allows submissions of 1,000–1,500 words on a single image, preferably from a local area and with an as-of-yet untold story.

With the rise of professional history beyond the university walls, we see ample opportunities to embrace a wider community of researchers, writers, and practitioners. The JRAHS is now matched with a podcast, with such digital engagement seeking to reflect that whether you are an independent historian, a researcher in a heritage organisation, a curator, an academic, an archivist, or a local historian, your unique insights and research deserve a platform. I hope to share your experiences, discoveries, and perspectives on Australian history.

Dr Samuel White

Editor, Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society

Make a submission

Submitting a manuscript to the journal:

The Journal Editor welcomes submissions of original, unpublished research at

Submissions should be between 6,000–8,000 words, including references.

Submissions will not be accepted that do not adhere to the Style Guidelines.

Download the Style Guidelines

Submissions should also be accompanied by a Manuscript Checklist.

Download the Manuscript Checklist

An abstract of approximately 100 words should be included with the manuscript along with a brief note (maximum 50 words) on the contributor, including affiliations, expertise, areas of interest and a list of publications.

Submitting an Interpret an Image:

The Journal Editor welcomes shorter submissions that interpret an image at

Download a sample Interpret An Image (courtesy of the Victorian Historical Journal).

Submissions should be between 1,000–1,500 words on a single image, including references.

Submissions will not be accepted that do not adhere to the Style Guidelines.

Download the Style Guidelines

Submitting a book for review:

The Book Review Editor welcomes scholarly, non-fiction books in Australian and Pacific history and politics.

Books can be addressed to the Book Review Editor at

Access past issues

Accessing past issues on Trove:

The Journal and Proceedings from 1901–1954 are freely available online through the National Library of Australia’s Trove:

Please be aware that some articles published in the JRAHS may include terms and views ​considered inappropriate today. While the information may not reflect current understanding, it is provided in a historical context.

Accessing past issues in the Library:

A complete set of the JRAHS is held in the RAHS Library at 133 Macquarie Street, Sydney.

Contact the librarian to arrange a visit:

Purchasing past issues or articles:

Most recent issue – $11.50

Individual issues from vol. 78 onwards – $11.00

Earlier issues (subject to availability) – $5.50

Single article scanned/emailed or photocopied/posted – $7.50

Please contact us if you require multiple articles.


Here are the abstracts for our four most recent issues. For previous issues, please contact the librarian.