About RAHS Events

The Royal Australian Historical Society has an established tradition of delivering a diverse Calendar of Events throughout the year, helping make history accessible to all. This program includes history lectures, historical skills-based workshops, regional history seminars, historical tours and book launches.

In recent years a number of RAHS event initiatives have been introduced:

  • The RAHS Calendar of Events is overseen by a Committee of the Council.
  • Since 2012, some history lectures at History House have been recorded and are available to view and listen on the RAHS YouTube.
  • In 2013 we introduced a new series History is Hot, where postgraduate students are given an opportunity to deliver a history talk at History House.
  • The RAHS History Webinar Series commenced in 2014, providing an opportunity for both local and regional members and friends to experience skills-based presentations from the comfort of their own homes.
  • In 2020 we worked with historians Paul Irish and Michael Bennett, as well as Aboriginal experts from libraries, archives and communities, to began Finding Your Ancestors: Researching Aboriginal Family History in NSW, a monthly webinar series to help Aboriginal people begin researching their family history.

The annual Royal Australian Historical Society Conference is a highlight of the Society’s activities. It provides an opportunity for the RAHS and its Affiliated Societies to network at a history conference dedicated to promoting local and community history and to showcase the historical research of individuals and societies.

Disclaimer: The RAHS reserves the right to cancel an RAHS event if a minimum number of bookings is not reached.