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In addition to our biannual Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society and quarterly History magazine, the Royal Australian Historical Society has produced popular Australian history books. Visit our Online Shop to purchase these and other titles.

Shady Acres by Lesley Muir

The Royal Australian Historical Society, the Madden Family and Halstead Press are pleased to announce the long-awaited publication of Lesley Muir’s investigation into political corruption, developer donations and the impact of powerful lobby groups on the design and construction of Sydney’s metropolitan railway and tramway network in the 19th century.

With an introduction by Elizabeth Farrelly, ‘Shady Acres’ foreshadows the transport shortcomings that the city and its suburbs endure today.

Playing Their Part: Vice-Regal Consorts of New South Wales

The consort is the companion to the governor, a position usually filled by the governor’s wife (or more recently the governor’s husband), daughter or sister. This is not an official role and it comes with no job description, nor salary. Young or old, with or without children, noble or commoner, all consorts found themselves supporting spouse and family, sovereign, empire or nation. These brief biographies will add to our understanding of the changing roles filled by these women (and one man) over more than two hundred years.

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We also publish a regular eNewsletter, which provides up-to-date information on the RAHS, its Affiliated Societies, and other organisations involved in Australian history.