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Our Goals


Our Objectives and Goals

The Royal Australian Historical Society’s overall constitutional objective is the advancement of education in the field of Australian history. Its goals can be categorised into six main areas:

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To deliver educational programs and publications to members and the community about Australian history that:

– promotes the study, writing and dissemination of Australian history; and

– develops historical expertise in the community that supports history and heritage projects.


To provide opportunities for Society members and the public to learn about the latest developments in community and local history and heritage through conferences, seminars, lectures, publications and digital-based initiatives.


To provide services that support our affiliated societies in society management and assist members to deliver projects that promote their local and community history.


To acquire and preserve, for the use of the Society and the public, reference material in any medium considered by the RAHS Council to have a bearing on Australian history, and to maintain the library and History House as core resources that support the RAHS educational and research roles.


To provide leadership to the broader community on history and heritage matters, in particular, access to historical records and policies that impact the practice of local and community history.


To meet all the legal, financial and statutory obligations of the Society and to uphold governance practices that ensure the long-term sustainability of the Society at History House, 133 Macquarie Street, Sydney.