Royal Australian Historical Society Council

President – Ms Christine Yeats, BA, Dip Lib, Dip Arch Admin

Senior Vice President – Associate Professor Carol Liston, AO, BA (Hons), PhD, FRAHS

Vice President – Mrs Lynne Allen, BA (ANU), Dip. Ed., Graduate Diploma of Local, Family & Applied History (UNE); MA

Treasurer – Dr Kathrine Reynolds, BA, MSc, PhD FRHistS


Ms Pauline Curby, MA, Dip Ed

Ms Judith Dunn, OAM, FPDHS

Mrs Linda Emery, BA

Dr Peter Hobbins, BA, BSc (Hons), M Medical Hum, PhD

Dr Mark St Leon, BEc, GCertTQM, MBus, MA (Hons), PhD, CA

Mr Graham Shirley

Dr Iain Stuart, BA (Hons), M.Env.Sci, PhD

Associate Professor Richard White, BA (Hons), Dip.Ed.

Company Secretary – Suzanne Holohan, BComm (Hons), BA (Hons)


Royal Australian Historical Society Staff

General Manager – Suzanne Holohan, BComm (Hons), BA (Hons)

Librarian – Donna Newton, DipLibInf

Membership Services and Digital Media – Phillip Jaworski, BA (Hons)

Administration and Insurance – Maryanne Byrne, BBus MMgt AOS.

Accounts and Grants – Maryanne Byrne, BBus MMgt AOS. 

Royal Australian Historical Society Committees

The following committees will be reformed in the May 2019 Council meeting. The names listed are for 2018/2019 and will be updated for 2019/2020.

Affiliated Societies Committee

Council Members: Ms Lynne Allen (Chair), Ms Judith Dunn (Vice Chair), Dr Peter Hobbins Associate Professor Carol Liston AO

Nominated and elected by members at RAHS Conference: Ms Jan Koperberg (Blue Mountains), Ms Trudy Holdsworth (Cumberland), Ms Angela Phippen (specialist), Ms Lorraine Neate (County Cumberland), Ms Sandra Friend (Bathurst District Historical Society Museum)

Events Committee

The President Christine Yeats (Chair), Emeritus Prof David Carment, Dr Kathrine Reynolds, Mr Graham Shirley, Ms Margaret Dalkin, Mrs Judith Dunn, Ms Suzanne Holohan

Fellowship and Medals Committee

The President Christine Yeats (Chair), Associate Professor Carol Liston (Councillor/Fellow), Mr Keith Johnson (Fellow), Professor Geoffrey Sherington (Fellow), Associate Professor Nancy Cushing (Professional Historian), Ms Pauline Curby (Professional Historian/Councillor), Associate Professor Richard White (Historian/Councillor)

Editorial Board for JRAHS

Associate Professor Carol Liston (Chair and editor of JRAHS), the President, Dr Kathrine Reynolds, Dr Christine Wright, Dr Peter Hobbins, Emeritus Prof David Carment, Associate Professor Richard White

Heritage Committee

Associate Professor Carol Liston, Mrs Linda Emery, Dr Iain Stuart, Mr Graham Shirley

Library and Archives Strategic Review Working Party

The President (Chair), Associate Professor Carol Liston AO, Ms Donna Newton, Ms Suzanne Holohan

Constitution Review Working Party

The President (Chair), Associate Professor Carol Liston AO, Ms Suzanne Holohan

History House Working Party

The President (Chair), Associate Professor Carol Liston AO, Dr Kathrine Reynolds, Ms Suzanne Holohan

An intimate pandemic: Community histories of the 1918–19 influenza centenary Working Party

Dr Peter Hobbins (Chair), Dr Christine Wright, Mrs Linda Emery, Dr Pauline Curby, Ms Suzanne Holohan

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