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RAHS Webinar

Wed 30 April                                                                         Researching in the Digital Age – Using to research local and community histories                                  Christine Yeats presents our second webinar, helping researchers make the most of

RAHS Day LecTure

Wed 7 May                                                                             George Evans and the crossing of the Blue Mountains        Dr Ian Jack evaluates the significance of George Evans’ journey to the Bathurst Plains. 

RAHS & PHA Workshop

Fri 9 May                                                                                Grants Workshop                                                                   A workshop targeted at those who plan to apply for either an Arts NSW Cultural Grant or Heritage Grant administered by the RAHS.

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The Society is a not-for-profit organisation. Donations are gratefully received towards the Library Fund, the History House Building Fund, the Publications & Research Fund or general purposes.

The Society also welcomes donations of parcels of shares. All donations to the three Funds of over $2 are tax deductible

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The community of oral historians appreciates interaction, through the RAHS, with all the diverse historical societies it supports.
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