At Home and Down the Pub: Working Class Archaeology in Tasmania

Lane Cove Historical Society’s monthly meeting falls during National Archaeology Week and will feature guest speakers from the University of Sydney’s Archaeology Department. Join Dr James Flexner, Pamela Chauvel and Amelia O’Donnell as they focus on the excavations at Triabunna and Maria Island.

About the Speakers:

  • Dr James Flexner is a lecturer in historical archaeology and heritage at the University of Sydney. His main research interests are in landscape archaeology and historical archaeology, with a geographic focus on Oceania. A significant component of his research is close collaboration with local communities, as well as broader public outreach efforts to make archaeology accessible to many audiences.
  • Pamela Chauvel is a postgraduate student at the University of Sydney. Her thesis examines the landscape of Darlington settlement during two industrial periods in the late nineteenth century and early twentieth centuries (1884–96 and 1920–30).
  • Amelia O’Donnell is an emerging conservator specialising in paper, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander audiovisual culture/archives preservation and promotion.

When: Tuesday 22 May, 7pm
Where: Lane Cove Library,  Library Walk, NSW 2066
Cost: Free




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