William Macarthur and the empire of science

[Image courtesy State Library of NSW]

State Library of New South Wales:  Scholar Talk

[Image courtesy State Library of NSW]

[Image courtesy State Library of NSW]

William Macarthur played an important role in the emergence of science for industry. Born in NSW in 1800, Macarthur lived a cosmopolitan youth overseas before returning to the colony in 1817. Macarthur went on to connect with a community of international thinkers who transcended the politics of nation states: the so-called empire of science. Whether classing wool and making wine or exhibiting eucalypts with Aboriginal names in Europe, Macarthur stoked a curious crucible – melding knowledge for colonial development before the formalisation of science as we know it.

About the speaker: Julie McIntyre is a Senior Lecturer in History at the University of Newcastle and best known for her award-winning research on people and places in the history of Australian wine. As the 2018 Merewether Fellow at the State Library of NSW, Julie explored the connections between settlers and scientists who puzzled out the workings of the natural world to propel global commodity trade.


When: Tuesday 5 February 2019, 11am – 12pm
Where: State Library of New South Wales, Metcalfe Auditorium, Ground Floor, Macquarie Street Sydney, NSW 2000
Cost: Free

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