The Royal Australian Historical Society (RAHS) invites you to explore the ways in which the crossings of the Blue Mountains are being commemorated. The RAHS has drawn inspiration from both the centenary celebrations organised by its founding members in 1913 and from its goal of supporting local and community history. This project won a National Trust Heritage Education and Interpretation Award in 2014.

Our Partners

We would like to thank our partners, in particular the New South Wales Department of Premier and Cabinet whose generous grant made the commemoration projects possible.


The Western Crossings Collection

Below you can explore the ways the histories of the crossings have been remembered past and present.

The Frank Walker Crossings Collectionfrank-walker-western-crossings-rahs

Discover the collections of historian in-the-field Frank Walker, President of the RAHS in 1913.





rahs-community-initiativesRAHS Community Initiatives

Learn how the RAHS has supported the community in honouring the diverse histories of Blue Mountains.






Follow the footsteps of past RAHS members through the Blue Mountains. Learn about the restoration plans for the commemorative cairns and monuments they erected.




History Magazine RAHSPublications

Read and reflect on the Blue Mountains crossings and they ways they have been remembered.





Further Resources

Click here to access materials on the Western Crossings from other cultural organisations and institutions.





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