Western Crossings Monuments

Western crossings monuments, Blue Mountains.

Visitors to the Blue Mountains region may have observed a number of monuments erected with the involvement of the RAHS in the early twentieth century. These monuments were erected to mark a key historic narrative about European exploration, discovery, possession of the country, national progress and expansion, with explorers as central heroes – the agents of empire and transformation.

Dr Siobhán Lavelle OAM, RAHS Councillor and historical archaeologist, has visited a number of these monuments to assess the restoration work required. You can follow in her footsteps and learn more about the location, history and commemorative events associated with these sites by clicking on the icons below.

Below you can learn about the work completed, including a summary of each restored cairn, images of each before, during and after the conservation and maintenance work was carried out, and the Rookwood General Cemetery Trust’s ‘Work Report – Blue Mountains Crossing, Royal Australian Historical Society Cairns’.

Western Crossings Monuments (Cairns) Restoration

As a result of the conservation and maintenance work carried out during 2013 by Rookwood General Cemetery Trust staff, a report has been compiled detailing work completed on the following cairns: Blaxland Farm, Springwood, Glenbrook and Blackheath.

View and download the work report by Sach Killam of Rookwood General Cemetery Trust.

View Report
Access information and images of cairns restoration below.


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