The Royal Australian Historical Society (RAHS) is committed to good governance practices that support the organisation’s core goals. Overall, the Society is governed by the RAHS Council – a body of twelve representatives elected from financial members of the Society. The Council meets ten to twelve times a year and annually elects an executive committee to implement key strategic initiatives and support the Society’s staff in delivering core operational activities.

Below are the main governance information and policies that underpin how the Society makes its decisions and conducts its core activities.

Responsibilities – Key resources

History House, 133 Macquarie Street, is our home.  The Society is responsible for ensuring  will remain a living place of State Heritage significance through continuous conservation and stewardship in ways that are engaging and respect its heritage values, are environmentally sustainable, and fulfil the Society’s objectives. Read More about our home.

The RAHS library and archives are another core resources that the Society is responsible for and which support our educational and research roles. Learn more about our library.


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