Royal Australian Historical Society Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct is an attachment to the RAHS Constitution and covers all employees, Councillors, committee members and volunteers when acting for or on behalf of the RAHS. The purpose of the code is educative and declarative.

Working within the law

RAHS members will work within the frameworks of law when acting for or on behalf of the RAHS. If entrusted with special functions they will make themselves aware of the laws of the States and Commonwealth that affect the conduct of such functions.

Working with RAHS resources

RAHS members entrusted with RAHS resources will ensure that the resources are managed effectively, efficiently and used for legitimate RAHS purposes. They will also secure RAHS resources against theft or misuse. RAHS members will obtain RAHS approval to use RAHS resources for work not directly related to RAHS purposes.

Working within RAHS goals and objectives

RAHS members will participate in public discussions and express opinions about issues and ideas related to the concerns of the RAHS in accordance with relevant principles of the RAHS if acting for or on behalf of the RAHS. It is such members’ responsibility to become familiar with these.

Working with integrity

RAHS office bearers, employees, Councillors, committee members and volunteers will:

  • Treat members of the public and other ordinary RAHS members honestly and fairly, and with proper regard for their rights and obligations, when acting for or on behalf of the RAHS
  • Avoid patronage or favouritism
  • Protect the privacy of others
  • Maintain appropriate confidentiality
  • Deal with differing opinion by rational debate rather than by vilification, coercion, bullying or any form of intimidatory behaviour
  • Declare potential conflicts of interest between their private and/or financial interests and RAHS responsibilities
  • Declare their relationship when participating in decisions affecting another person with whom they have a personal relationship
  • Be honest impartial and conscientious when carrying out their duties or functions for the RAHS
  • Observe procedural fairness (natural justice) in all decision making
  • Inform the RAHS of any offer of gift or benefit for duties or functions carried out as a RAHS member
Working with diligence

RAHS members entrusted with special duties or functions will perform these to the best of their ability and carry them out in a professional manner. They will seek to achieve high standards in administration and service to the history community, actively consider the health and safety of themselves and others when carrying out RAHS duties, and act honestly and in good faith.