The Value of History Statement

‘The study of the past and the telling of its stories are critical to our sense of belonging, to our communities and to our shard future.’

‘History shapes our identities, engages us as citizens, creates inclusive communities, is part of our economic well-being, teaches us to think critically and creatively, inspires leaders and is the foundation of our future generations.’

This is the Value of History Statement, launched by Dr Stephen Gapps, President of the History Council of NSW, during History Week 2019 as part of a joint-initiative between the History Councils of NSW, South Australia, Western Australia and Victoria.

It focuses on seven ways that the study of history is essential, through:

  • shaping our identities,
  • engaging us as citizens,
  • creating inclusive communities,
  • contributing to our economic well-being,
  • teaching us to think critically and creatively,
  • inspiring our leaders, and
  • providing a foundation for future generations.

The History Councils encourage all Australians to endorse, share and use this statement about the value of history in contemporary life.

The Statement can be endorsed in NSW on the HCNSW site.

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