Trailblazing Women of Australian Public Broadcasting, 1945-1975

Trailblazing Women of Australian Public Broadcasting, 1945-1975 offers a compelling new perspective of Australian radio and television history. It chronicles how a group of female producers defied the odds and forged remarkable careers in public-affairs production at the ABC in the post-war decades.

Kay Kinane, Catherine King, Therése Denny and Joyce Belfrage were ambitious and resourceful producers, part of the vanguard of Australian broadcasters who used mass media as a vehicle for their social and political activism. Fiercely dedicated to their audiences, they wrote, directed and produced ground-breaking documentaries and current affairs programs that celebrated Australian life while also challenging its cultural complacency, its racism and sexism. They immersed themselves in the ABC’s many networks of collaboration and initiated a range of strategies to expand their agency and authority. This book traces their careers as they crossed borders and crossed mediums, following them as they worked on location shoots and in production offices, in television studios, control rooms and radio booths. In doing so it highlights the barriers that confronted so many women working in broadcasting in the decades after World War II.

Caroline Jones described the book as ‘an entertaining read to set the historical (‘herstorical’) record straight – with startling insights into the good old days when the boys ‘owned the game’. It is available in hardcopy or e-book via Booktopia.