RAHS/SAG* Seminar – Women in History

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Join Carol Liston, Christine Yeats, Noeline Kyle and Joy Hughes as they explore topics from women’s history and techniques for researching women in history. A detailed program will be posted on the SAG website when available.

RAHS Day Lecture – The Legacy of Jack Mundey: Half a Century after Kelly’s Bush

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Without the green bans of the 1970s and after, the face of Sydney and many other Australian cities would be very different today. This illustrated talk will cover radical unionist Jack Mundey’s leading role in the fight against the ‘slash-and-burn’ philosophy of the green ban era − with a review of his ongoing legacy and inspirational leadership over half a century of dedicated activism.

RAHS/ASHET* Evening Lecture – Nuclear Energy: Australia’s Proud History

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Australia and Australians have an extraordinarily proud history of diligent investigation and world-class achievement in the search for value in the humble atom. The attainments of Australia’s distinguished scientists and engineers in nuclear research and development, now spanning more than 65 years, are quite exceptional.

Free March Day Lecture at History House

RAHS Day Lecture – The First Foreign Delegation to Sydney (1793): The Spanish Enlightenment voyage of Captains Alejandro Malaspina and Jose Bustamante and the plan to attack Sydney Despite a long preoccupation with French intrigues, the first foreign visitation to Sydney was by the Spanish in 1793. The visit was that of the Spanish Enlightenment voyage of the Royal Spanish Navy ships Descubriete and Atrevida, commanded respectively by Captains Alejandro Malaspina and Jose Bustamante. Arriving at Sydney in March 1793, these expeditioners and their crews … Read More