A two day program in November providing invaluable help with your photographs! Bookings at www.sag.org.au


The ‘History is Hot’ series is an opportunity for RAHS members and friends to hear about recent research findings in Australian history and how they impact our understanding and interpretation of the past. You are invited to join postgraduate students who will discuss their research projects. Click here to book online or email history@rahs.org.au. Date and Time: Thursday November 2 @ 6pm – 7.30pm Venue: History House, 133 Macquarie Street, Sydney Cost: Free – Elicia Taylor, PhD candidate, University of … Read More


Warner Bros., currently casting for a new social history show on the ABC, is looking for inquisitive families who enjoy history and learning. Each family will be given the chance to live through the decades of the last 60 years first hand, to see what life was like during these very different time periods. The search is on for charismatic families with at least two children between the ages of 9-15 that might enjoy this immersive experience, and being part … Read More

Kilmainham to Kalgoorlie: The Life and Times of Hugh Mahon

Join us on Wednesday 4th October for our next Day Lecture – ‘Kilmainham to Kalgoorlie: The Life and Times of Hugh Mahon’ with guest speaker Dr Jeff Kildea. One of Australia’s most controversial politicians in the early years of the Commonwealth, Irish-born Hugh Mahon has the distinction of being the only member expelled from the federal parliament. Imprisoned in Kilmainham with Parnell in 1881 for his political activism he fled to Australia where he became a newspaperman, MP and government … Read More

State Trustees CEO Craig Dent publishes his first book ‘The Creation of Trust’

State Trustees Chief Executive Officer, Craig Dent has published his first book, The Creation of Trust, in August 2017. The office of the Public Trustee has a long and curious past that stretches back to medieval times – the book tells the intriguing story of Public Trustees, revealing their rich heritage and casting a rarely-seen light on their often misunderstood purpose, services and contribution to society. Following his appointment as Chief Executive Officer at State Trustees, Dent began researching State … Read More

‘Coalfaces’ by Darian Zam

“My first week living in Mount Kembla, I met an 85-year-old man at the pub. He said to me, ‘Why don’t you paint my portrait, then?’ I thought to myself, ‘You cheeky bugger, who do you think you are?’ Then I went home to that cold, rattling old house I had rented and realized, ‘Actually, that’s a great idea.’ Thus, a project was born.” When artist and writer Darian Zam left Sydney in 2008, he assumed it would be a … Read More

Congratulations to Emeritus Professor David Carment AM

The Royal Australian Historical Society warmly congratulates former RAHS President Emeritus Professor David Carment AM on being awarded the 2017 Annual History Citation this week “in recognition of his outstanding contributions to historical scholarship, and his generosity and unwavering commitment to supporting the history community, including mentoring its emerging professionals.” For more information on David Carment’s contributions and on recipients of the 2017 History Council of NSW Awards see the History Council of NSW website.

JOHN MACARTHUR – “Visionary or Villain”

City of Sydney Historical Association September Lecture JOHN MACARTHUR – ‘Visionary or Villain’ Guest Speaker – Patrick Dodd Saturday 9th September at 2.00pm Macarthur is remembered by most people for laying the foundations of the great Australian wool industry. In fact he spent so much time away from home fighting Governors and facing a court martial in England, his practical achievements owe a very great deal to the persistence and loyalty of his wife and sons. He was a complex … Read More