Sydney Airport turns 100

Mascot Aerodrome 1929 [RAHS Photograph Collection]

Written by Donna Newton, RAHS Librarian

Sydney Airport’s first commercial flight was on 19 November 1919 by pilot and aviation pioneer Nigel Love. In a two-seater Avro 504K biplane he took off from a former cow paddock on the northern shore of Botany Bay, the airfield for his new aviation business.

Now named after Sir Charles Kingsford Smith, Sydney (Kingsford Smith) Airport is one of the world’s oldest continually operating airports. Sydney Airport’s Centenary represents a landmark not only for the local community and broader Sydney, but also for aviation history.

Monoplane hangar at Mascot Aerodrome NSW, 1930 [RAHS Photograph Collection]

Our Centenary acknowledges key milestones and celebrates the people and the community through the many rich and diverse stories from the last 100 years. The history of the airport is so closely linked to the history and transformation of the city.

Visit the Centenary Centre, a convenient online hub for information about the history, fun facts and a timeline showcasing some of the moments that have been pivotal over the years to the airport’s growth and success.

The RAHS Library has this publication in its collection if you are interested in reading further about Sydney Airport’s history:

From Bullocks to Boeings: An Illustrated History of Sydney Airport [Canberra: AGPS & Department of Civil Aviation, 1986]
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  1. Hello RAHS,
    Interesting to read your article on the upcoming anniversary of Sydney airport. I am an aviation enthusiast so most things to do with aviation take my interest.
    Re Nigel Love. He became a friend of my Grandfather who would often speak of the fishing trips they took off Sydney in Nigel’s boat. My Grandfather for a long time was the owner operator of Centreway bakery at Bankstown and Nigel Love would supply him with flour free of charge for my Grandfather to test in the market place and report back.
    Just a bit of trivia.

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