Donations and Bequests

Since 1901, generous donors and benefactors have enhanced the work of the Society. Information on donating to the Society or making a bequest is outlined below. Please contact us if you require further information on opportunities to financially support the Society.


The Society is a not-for-profit organisation. The generosity of donors who are interested in supporting the Society’s aims of promoting history throughout New South Wales is both critical and much appreciated.

Donations are gratefully received towards the Library Fund, the History House Building Fund, the Publications & Research Fund or general purposes. All donations to the three funds of over $2 are tax deductible. The Society also accepts donations of parcels of shares.

Donations to the three funds are used for the following activities:

Library Fund

This fund is used to support library projects including conservation of materials, development of library online and IT resources, and activities that promote the RAHS library collections, to name a few.

History House Building Fund

History House is protected under New South Wales heritage legislation. It is classified by the National Trust and listed on the Register of the National Estate. Donations to the Society can be made specifically to the History House Building Fund to provide for History House’s proper long-term care. History House Building Plans are available to view at the RAHS Library, or alternatively can be sent to members on request.

Publications and Research Fund

This fund is used to support the costs of RAHS publications, including the Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society and History magazine, as well as one off publications on NSW local and community history. Furthermore, the fund supports research projects that promote the understanding of Australian history, in particular NSW local and community history.

Methods of Donation

Click here to download a donation form (cheque, credit card, direct debit and cash donations).

Online donations will be available in 2016.


A bequest links one generation to the wellbeing of future generations. The Society is respected for its ability to translate the wishes of benefactors into successful historical preservation, education and research activities. A legacy left to the Society is valued and used well.

You may choose to leave a particular asset, a specified sum of money, or a percentage of the total estate. Alternatively you can stipulate that the bequest be applied to a specific purpose of the Society, rather than for general purposes. A solicitor or trustee company will help with the wording of any bequest.

If you are considering a bequest to the Society in your will, please contact the Society’s General Manager at or on (02) 9247 8001. Privacy is respected at all times and discussions remain confidential.


Those with a passion for history can assist the Society through volunteering. Volunteers will join a congenial group of fellow volunteers working on a range of activities with support from RAHS staff, including:

  • organising history lectures and programs
  • planning new events and tours
  • supporting specific research projects
  • producing content for website and social media platforms, including podcasts and online exhibitions
  • helping with History magazine and eNewsletter
  • undertaking tasks in the Society’s library
  • providing support for mail-outs of materials to members and friends

As well as an opportunity for working with others who share a passion for history, volunteers can also learn new research, library and digital media skills.

For enquiries about volunteering opportunities, please call (02) 9247 8001 or email:

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