Summer 2019 Calendar of Events

Maroubra Beach, ca. 1930s, Sydney Shots: Souvenir of Sydney [RAHS Photograph Collection]

We are pleased to have finalised our Calendar of Events for Summer 2019. We would like to thank the Events Committee for all their hard work in putting together a great program that can be enjoyed by all. The topics for the upcoming RAHS Day Lectures are quite diverse: from exploring slave traders sent to Australia as convicts for their crime; to the 200-year history of the bicycle in Australia; and the building of Warragamba Dam.

 We have collaborated with some of our affiliated historical societies as well as other organisations for our Summer events. For example, in February we are hosting the Australian Lebanese Family Workshop in conjunction with the Centre for Applied History, the History Council of NSW and the Australian Lebanese Historical Society. This ‘hands-on’ workshop aims to bring together people interested in Australian Lebanese family history, with speakers providing overviews of the different ways they have approached the documentation and telling of Lebanese Australian family histories. 

 Similarly, we are holding a joint lecture with the City of Sydney that explores the ‘Spanish flu’ and how Sydney coped when it infected a third of the city’s residents. How did the community rise to the challenge? Local historians will share their insights into the emergency response and how we remember this devastating pandemic.

 If you would like to view our upcoming events, head to our Events page. Alternatively, you can download the entire program onto your device. We look forward to seeing everyone in 2019! 

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