RAHS Excursions: Learn about history in your local area!

The RAHS is recommencing excursions across Sydney and its suburbs this Winter season. Join Judith Dunn and Donna Newton, with assistance from local guides, to learn more about these historic locations and institutions.

Parramatta Girls Home – Tuesday 31 May 2022

Visit the Parramatta Girls Home at the Parramatta Female Factory Precinct. Someone who was sent to Parramatta Girls Home as a child will give a talk on her experiences in the home before we inspect two of the buildings and the newly opened Children’s Memorial Garden. The home was originally erected as the Roman Catholic Orphan School in 1887.



St. Mary’s Cathedral Sydney, 26 Nov. 1937 [RAHS Adastra Aerial Collection]

St Mary’s Cathedral, Sydney – Thursday 16 June 2022

Built on land given to the Catholic Church during the earliest days of colonisation (1820), Australia’s largest Cathedral is regarded as one of the finest examples of an English-style Gothic revival building in the world. This 90 minute tour will highlight the history of the Cathedral and Cathedral Crypt. If you love history or architecture, the building and its interior will offer lots of interesting discoveries.



Rookwood Cemetery Bus Tour – Sunday 26 June 2022

Tour this extraordinary “Sleeping City” established in 1868. View the Victorian layout including serpentine canals, fountains and summer houses. See the site of the main station and memorials to Chinese miners, those removed from Town Hall Cemetery and the gates from Devonshire St Cemetery. Visit many denominational sections and significant individuals such as David Scott Mitchell and Izzy Chapman.