RAHS/WEA Workshop – Writing a Life: Key Elements of Historical Biography

RAHS/WEA Workshop

Whether your interest is a single life or group of people, this session provides an introduction to the biographical process. Coordinated by RAHS Councillor Dr Peter Hobbins, this workshop will examine various approaches and historical sources – offering practical suggestions on researching and writing your own biographical project. About the Speakers:  Dr Peter Hobbins is a historian of colonial and twentieth-century Australia at the University of Sydney. His work has explored the lives of immigrants, entrepreneurs and scientists. He has … Read More

Woodford Academy Open Day

Woodford Academy Open Day

Woodford Academy Open Day – Talk and Exhibition A message from Woodford Academy Management Committee:  Woodford Academy is proud to present: The Blue Labyrinth – Since the Dawn of Time. Join author Bruce Cameron, as he discusses the history of the Blue Labyrinth, an area of stunning natural beauty in the Blue Mountains National Park. The Blue Labyrinth is bounded by the main Blue Mountains range from Glenbrook to Wentworth Falls, stretching along Kings Tableland to Warragamba Dam and along the Nepean … Read More

The Role of the Pub in 19th Century Sydney

City of Sydney Historical Association

City of Sydney Historical Association (COSHA) present: The Role of the Pub in 19th Century Sydney Join well known public historian and former City of Sydney historian, Shirley Fitzgerald, as she discusses the hotels that formed the centre of the community for many in the 19th century. Pubs are interesting in their own right, serving as fascinating case studies to extract information about Sydney’s social history. Shirley has written two books about pubs in Ultimo and Pyrmont, but also has much … Read More

Free July Day Lecture – Conjuring India

RAHS Day Lecture

Conjuring India: Strange Tales of Magic and Mystery Join us on Wednesday, 4th July for our free monthly day lecture at History House.  India has long been considered the home of magic, its wonder-workers celebrated around the world. Join John Zubrzycki as he discusses the connections in the field of magic between Australia and India dating back to 1853. This includes visiting troupes such as ‘The Men from Kabul’, Indian ‘jugglers’ who performed in Melbourne and a trial of two … Read More

Nominations for the CHASS Australia Prizes Closing Soon

Nominations for the Council for Humanities Arts and Social Sciences (CHASS) 2018 Australia Prizes are closing soon. The Australia Prizes honour distinguished achievements by Australians working, studying, or training in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (HASS) sectors, including academics, researchers, practitioners, philanthropists, policy makers, and students. Nominations have now opened for four prizes. Two prizes are being sponsored by Routledge (cash prize of $3,500 each): one for a non-fiction book/e-book that enriches Australian cultural and intellectual life, the second for … Read More

Parramatta’s Heritage at Risk – Willow Grove & St George’s Terrace

Parramatta heritage at risk

Last week it was revealed that heritage buildings Willow Grove and St George’s Terrace would be demolished under the NSW Government’s plan to relocate the Powerhouse Museum to Parramatta. State Heritage listed Willow Grove was built in the 1870s and serves as a great example of a Victorian Italianate two-storey villa. Originally a private villa, Willow Grove served as a maternity hospital known as ‘Estella’. Similarly, according to the State Heritage Register, St George’s Terrace is significant for the Parramatta … Read More

Centennial Park – The People’s Park

Australian Garden History Society present: Centennial Park – The People’s Park  A Walk and Talk led by Professor Paul Ashton  Riding on bicycle or horseback, strolling through or simply sitting in Centennial Park today, it may at first be difficult to imagine the place more than a century ago when this magnificent urban park was under construction. Hundreds of jobless Sydney men were set to work on the monumental task of converting a bleak, though dramatic and inherently picturesque landscape into … Read More

RAHS Excursion – Guided Tour of the Reserve Bank of Australia Museum

The Museum tells the story of Australia’s banknotes against the background of the nation’s economic and social development, from colonial settlement through to the current era.  Join us for a guided tour of the Reserve Bank of Australia Museum which showcases the different types of money used before Federation and each of the series of banknotes since. This includes: Before Federation: To 1900 A New Currency: 1900–20 The Commonwealth Bank and the Note Issue: 1920–1960 The Reserve Bank and Reform … Read More