What does it mean to be a public cultural institution in the 21st century? What does it mean to work in one? GLAMSLAM 2018 will be hosted by the UTS Australian Centre for Public History on 1 March 2018. Combining discussion about questions facing the sector with provocations, Lightning Talks, showcase booths and opportunities to meet and GLAMJAM these issues with each other, GLAMSLAM 2018 aims to map out the challenges and opportunities facing Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums, and to … Read More

Recognition of LGBTIQA* People in Australian History

  The RAHS Council recently acknowledged the historical significance of the results of the Same Sex Marriage Postal Survey, announced on 15 November 2017, in which 61.6% of Australians supported a change in the Marriage Act 1961 to allow two people of the same sex to marry. On 7 December the House of Representatives passed the same-sex marriage bill – constituting a milestone event in accepting LGBTIQA people as both part of our diverse community and history. Bearing in mind the RAHS’ … Read More

Parramatta Female Factory Seeking Global Recognition

The organisations that successfully campaigned for the inclusion of the Parramatta Female Factory on the National Heritage Register, are now taking their campaign global. The Parramatta Female Factory Friends, in conjunction with the North Parramatta Residents Action Group, are urging for the site to be listed on the UNESCO World Heritage List. In order to foresee this, they are calling on both the State and Federal Governments to support Australia’s heritage and use their power to help achieve this outcome. … Read More

Special Offer: ‘Stories from the Sandstone’

Stories from the Sandstone: Quarantine Inscriptions from Australia’s Immigrant Past By Peter Hobbins, Ursula K. Frederick and Anne Clarke Stories from the Sandstone reveals the sandstone engravings of those who found themselves detained at Sydney’s Quarantine Station during its 150-year history. From the early 1830s until 1984, nearly 16,000 people passed through the doors of the Quarantine Station in North Head near Manly. Winner of the NSW Community and Regional History Prize at the 2017 NSW Premier’s History Awards. Proceeds from the sale … Read More


Sirius building listed for sale

Sirius Building Listed for Sale In light of the NSW Government’s recent refusal to not list Sirius on the State Heritage Register – the brutalist building is now up for sale. The Government hopes to raise an estimated $100 million from the sale, with the money to fund the construction of social housing in other areas of NSW. The sale follows the public battle led by the Save our Sirius Foundation and respected heritage authorities and organisations who campaigned to … Read More


FREEBIRD CLUB – SPECIAL OFFER TO RAHS MEMBERS AND FRIENDS The Freebird Club is a new travel-based social network for the over 50’s. It is a membership club which enables peer-to-peer social travel and homestays between like-minded people from around the world. Modelled on the “sharing economy”, Freebird Club members can make their spare rooms available to fellow members to come and stay for a nightly rate. While it has been described as something of a ‘Silver Airbnb’, it is … Read More


RAHS KEY CORPORATE DATES 2018 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING 2018 Notice is hereby given that the RAHS Annual General Meeting will be held Tuesday 17 April 2018 at 6.00pm at History House, 133 Macquarie Street, Sydney. Any financial member is entitled to attend and vote. A member may appoint a proxy to attend and vote in his or her stead. The proxy must be a financial member of the Society at the time of voting. Members wishing to submit notices of … Read More

Resources from the RAHS/PHA Trove Workshop – Saturday 25 November 2017

The slides from the joint RAHS/PHA Trove Workshop on Saturday 25 November 2017 are being made publicly available for two weeks only on this blog post. Christine Yeats, RAHS Senior Vice President, archivist, historical researcher and PHA member presented a two-hour workshop on the intricacies of TROVE and how to make your searches efficient and fruitful. There was a particular focus on advance searching, lists and the most recent addition, Government Gazettes. Refresh your knowledge and polish your skills on … Read More