Rae Else-Mitchell Collection

Topographic Map – Lower Blue Mountains [RAHS Rae Else-Mitchell Collection]

RAHS Volunteers, Megan Edwards and Bron Stepowski, have been working on scanning and uploading the Society’s Library collections to Flickr Commons – an online social media site that shares ‘the hidden treasures from the world’s public photography archives’.

The latest instalment is a series from the Rae Else-Mitchell Collection, which documents a bush walk through the Blue Mountains between c.1938-1940, and includes a number of panorama shots and topographical maps.

Megan Edwards has written a concise introduction:

Rae Else-Mitchell (1914-2016) was a Supreme Court judge, member of the RAHS since 1938, and President of the RAHS from 1970-1976. He authored a number of articles for the Journal of the RAHS, including articles concerning the history of the Blue Mountains. The images in this series are from a glass slide collection c1938-1940.

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