In response to COVID-19, the June editions of the Journal of the Royal Australian Historical Society (JRAHS) and History magazine have been made temporally available to everyone online. These publications would normally be available to members only.

Journal of the Royal Australian History Society – Volume 106 Part 1

In this edition of JRAHS, you will find the following articles:

The elusive Reginald Benjamin Levien: Victoria’s commercial agent in Asia, fraudster, recidivist (James Cotton); Anna Blackwell Sydney Morning Herald correspondent in Paris, 1860-1890 (Patricia Clarke); Speculator, Settler, Selector, Surveyor: Surveyors and Land Laws, 1860s to 1880s (Terry Kass); No Band of Brothers: Officers and internal politics in the 19th Australian Infantry Battalion, 1915-1918 (William Westerman); Percy Gledhill’s memorial to Aboriginal People (Keith Amos).

Click here to read full abstracts of these articles.

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History Magazine – June 2020, No. 144

The guest editor for this edition of History Magazine was Dr Lesley Potter, and includes the following articles:

Australian Pilgrimages (Richard White); The Penniless Seamstress and the Commercial Traveller (Marian Lorrison); Florence Nightingale’s Australian Legacy (Lesley Potter); A Very Brief History of Malabar Headland (Claire Bettington); The Allports of Parramatta (Elaine Phillips).

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