Edina Tour


Tuesday 23 May 2023 | 10.30 am – 12.30 pm

War Memorial Hospital, Waverley

Located in Waverley in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs is ‘Edina’, one of the grandest private houses surviving in Sydney from the late Victorian era. A central feature of the War Memorial Hospital, few people are nevertheless aware that it exists. A historical gem, it is hiding in plain sight.

The RAHS is pleased to provide a rare opportunity for members to have a private viewing of this grand building in a two-hour tour by Michael Waterhouse, author of the new book Family, Faith and Fortune in Victorian Sydney. The Edina Estate.

‘Edina’ was home to three generations of a wealthy, religious family. As well as its glorious exterior and ornamental gardens, many of Edina’s interior features are well preserved. Michael will discuss these and provide insights into the lifestyle of the families, including 24 children, who lived on the estate prior to ownership being transferred to the Methodist Church in 1922.

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