Cast in Iron: NSW Letter Receivers


Author: Adele; 2013; 242 pages; (soft cover)
Published by Adel Briggs

Focusing on the period 1850s to the 1890s this publication documents the history of cast iron letter receivers in NSW. In November 1855, a call for tenders for the supply of 12 receivers was won by Bubb & Son. By 1874 there were 82 letter receivers and 8 newspaper receivers in NSW. Just 11 years later, this number had increased almost five-fold. In 1890, nine times the 1874 number. The book carefully and thoroughly documents the design, construction and location of the receivers. The book includes 30 photographs and chronological tables.

Orders can be collected from:
Royal Australian Historical Society
First Floor
History House
133 Macquarie Street
Sydney 2000

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