Parramatta and District Historical Society Inc Monthly General Meeting

Parramatta and District Historical Society

Parramatta and District Historical Society IncA message from the Parramatta and District Historical Society Inc: 

Parramatta and District Historical Society Inc invite members and visitors interested in Australian history to their February General Meeting at Coach House, Hambledon Cottage. The General Meeting will also feature guest speaker John Brock who will be discussing Colonel William Light.

Col. William Light (1786-1836) was Eurasian, Artist, Naval and Army Officer and Surveyor General of South Australia. He is famous for his selection of the Adelaide city site and for designing the layout of parks and streets in the environs of Adelaide.

Adelaide is the only settlement of land without the use of convict labour. Many aspects of the geographically actual location was taken into account before the first sod was turned. It was founded in 1836 and is known as the City of Churches.

About the speaker: John Brock has been a Private Land Surveyor since 1973 with a BA Surveying UNSW 1978, and a MA Egyptology Mac Uni 2000. He is at present Director of Brock Surveys Parramatta and has presented papers worldwide including USA, New Zealand, Sweden, Finland, Italy, France and numerous others with great acclaim. His other awards are vast and varied which cover a wide range of interests as well as his membership of various historical societies, cemeteries and libraries.

Date and time: Wednesday 21 February, 7:30pm
Venue: Coach House, Hambledon Cottage, 63 Hassall Street, Parramatta, 2150
Cost: Free

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