CULTURE AND OUR CITY – City of Parramatta Cultural Plan Consultation

A message from the City of Parramatta:

It is an exciting time for culture, arts and entertainment in the City of Parramatta. We are experiencing a period of dramatic change and transformation. Our City is rapidly growing, building and evolving. We are on a fast-track to becoming Sydney’s central city. A smart global city that sets the vision for great Australian cities.

A Cultural Discussion Paper has been developed to capture the many conversations and community feedback about our cultural ambition for the City of Parramatta over the next five years. Your feedback and ideas will enable us to better understand and prioritise the cultural needs of our community and secure sufficient resources to deliver our priorities.

(The message above can be viewed in full on the City of Parramatta website).

The City’s Cultural Plan will be developed and released in June 2017.

Download the discussion paper and read more here:

Complete the survey here:

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