Oral History AGMOral History NSW is pleased to present a lecture by historian Dr Tanya Evans. The event will be followed by the Oral History NSW Annual General Meeting.

Swimming with the Spit: Feminist oral sport history and the process of ‘sharing authority’ with 20th Century Female swimming champions in Sydney

Dr Evans’ last book Swimming with the Spit, 100 years of the Spit Amateur Swimming Club was a community history written to encourage readers and swimmers, young and old, to think about their ambles down to the beach, their invigorating swims and refreshing afternoon dips on sultry Sydney-summer days and crisp winter mornings, with an eye on their history. Passion for a sport in the present can overshadow its fascinating past. 

This talk will reveal how feminist oral histories of the Spit Club’s female swimming champions were used  to trace the ways in which swimming and its historical meanings have changed for women in twentieth-century Australia. It reveals the lack of cultural scripts local female swimming stars could call upon to narrate their life stories and sporting success, the different ways in which they want their lives remembered and how historians might approach the complex construction of these histories when writing public history and trying to share authority in the process.

Dr Tanya Evans is a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Modern History at Macquarie University.

Date: 9th August 2017
Venue: History House, 133 Macquarie Street, Sydney NSW 2000

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