National Volunteer Week 2020

Every year, National Volunteer Week celebrates the contributions of our nation’s volunteers towards charities, organisations, communities, and the country as a whole. This week (18 – 24 May) marks National Volunteer Week 2020, with the theme: “Changing Communities. Changing Lives.”

The Royal Australian Historical Society is indebted to our volunteers who regularly contribute their time and effort across all facets of our organisation, from library services to digital content. On the RAHS Instagram this week we featured a selection of those volunteers, highlighting the hard work they have put into the society for many years. Be sure to check out those posts using the link above, or continue reading for a summary of our featured volunteers.

For more information on National Volunteer Week, visit the Volunteering Australia website.

Our Volunteers

Margaret Coleman joined the RAHS in 1986 and has volunteered since 1988. Margaret Scott joined in 1997 and became a volunteer that year. Together, Margaret Coleman and Margaret Scott have come to History House every Friday ‘for forever’, helping as conservation volunteers in the Library. The RAHS Library Collection owes much to their skill, care and dedication. They became joint RAHS medallists in 2018.

Maximilian Reid is a recent History graduate from Macquarie University and has volunteered at the RAHS since December 2019. His online contributions include research on Australian cricket history and upcoming historiographies for the 250th anniversary of Cook’s voyage. His historical interests include collective memories, Prussia, and politics in sport.

Elaine Phillips has a BSc (University of Sydney 1972) and LLB (UNSW 1999). She enjoys volunteering at the RAHS because it gives her the opportunity to mix with others who share her passion for Australian history. Her most recent published article (History magazine June 2020) is about the Allport family of Parramatta.

Elizabeth Heffernan is a recent History Honours graduate from the University of Sydney. She has been an RAHS volunteer since January 2019, and contributes mainly to our online content including the Women’s History Month project in March 2019 and 2020. Her historical interests include WWI, revolutionary Russia, and ancient imperial Rome.

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