Mixed Media on Chinese-Australian history

The Chinese Australian Historical Society have kindly put together a series of links to lectures, documentaries and interviews on a variety of topics related to Chinese-Australian history.

New Stories, Bold Legends – a Podcast series by Valerie Khoo

Mirroring the past lecture series – from the Australia China Institute of Arts and Culture:

               An overview of Chinese Australian history (with English transcript)

               Before there was Gold (pre-1788 to 1818)

               From Convicts to Gold (1818 to 1851)

Waltzing the Dragon with Benjamin Law – an ABC two part series

Greg Grainger – Travel OZ (in three parts):

                Chinese Milestones in NSW

                Chinese Milestones in Victoria

                Chinese Milestones in Queensland

The Poison of Polygamy – Dr Shirley Fitzgerald speaks about it

The Dictation Test – on ABC Radio National

William Ah Ket: the first Chinese-Australian barrister

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