Media Release – Country Calling: History on the Land

Exhibition Building, Prince Alfred Park [RAHS Photograph Collection]

Join the RAHS for a special online event to be held via Zoom on 22 October 2022 and learn about new developments in local and community history as we explore Country Calling: History on the Land.

Session A – Facing the Truth: How to Create History with Aboriginal Peoples

The special event begins with a morning session (10.00am – 12.00pm) that features historians, curators, and archaeologists who practice truth-telling in their history-making. Marika Duczynski (Repatriation Officer and Curator of Indigenous Heritage, Chau Chak Wing Museum) will discuss her experiences working with collections, communities and the issue of repatriation. Dr Stephen Gapps (historian and curator) will provide insights and advice on how to appropriately include Aboriginal perspectives in your history and heritage projects. Dr Iain Stuart (RAHS President and archaeologist, Artefact Heritage Services) will talk about Indigenous archaeology and working with Aboriginal peoples.

Session B – Best on Show: Country Shows and their Communities

The afternoon session (1.00pm – 3.15pm) brings together community historians to take a closer look at the importance of agricultural shows to our local history. Judith Dunn OAM (RAHS Councillor) will talk about the evolution of agricultural shows and what local information you can learn from them. Liz Harfull (historian and author) will explore the history of food and cookery at country shows. Graham Shirley (RAHS Vice President) will present on how agricultural shows have been captured by moving image media since the early twentieth century. This session will also feature the President’s Address, presentation of Certificates of Achievement, and raffle prizes.

For further information and bookings visit the event website

The RAHS Online and Regional Seminar Program is funded by Create NSW.

The aim of the program is to promote the study, writing and dissemination of Australian history. It aims to develop historical expertise in the community that will support history and heritage projects.