History Week 2022: Hands-On History

3 – 11 September | #HistoryWeek2022

About History Week

History Week is an annual, state-wide celebration of history organised by the History Council of New South Wales.

Initiated by the HCNSW in 1997, History Week is a fantastic opportunity for member organisations, large and small, throughout NSW to engage and educate the community about the vitality, diversity and meaning of history and its practice.

 About History Week 2022 – Hands-On History

A diverse range of events will be presented during History Week 2022! The History Council NSW Events Calendar is available to explore. Like and follow their social media so you can get updates on History Week 2022 events and register your interest.

This year’s theme is Hands-On History: History doesn’t only happen in archives, libraries and books. Very often we need to go out in the field and get hands-on to connect with different sources, stories and audiences. Hands-on History invites you to explore histories by or about people who do things with their hands, whether that is for work or play.

History Week launches on 2 September at the NSW Premier’s History Awards (run in partnership with the State Library of NSW).