History Week 2019: Memory & Landscapes

Registrations are now open for History Week 2019 and close at 5pm on Friday, 14 June 2019

History Week is the annual, state-wide celebration of history organised by the History Council of New South Wales.

Initiated by the HCNSW in 1997, History Week is a fantastic opportunity for member organisations, large and small, throughout NSW to engage and educate the community about the vitality, diversity and meaning of history and its practice.

What is the theme of History Week 2019?

The theme of History Week 2019 is ‘Memory & Landscapes’, which will explore our relationship to landscapes.

This rich palette could include:

  • Remembering where we come from
  • Spiritual, physical, social and cultural connection to place
  • Stories of travel
  • Migration
  • Creative or analytic depiction, interpretation or analysis
  • Landscape as canvas, gallery and film set
  • Landscape as a threat or a treat
  • Agriculture
  • Environment
  • Land care
  • Conflict, death, dispossession, murder, genocide
  • Landscape then and now – changes over years, centuries and millennia
  • Memory in landscapes – memorials and monuments
  • Memorialisation

For more information and to register your event, visit History Week 2019

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