Frenchs Forest Cemetery [Image Beth Robertson]

Frenchs Forest Cemetery [Image Beth Robertson]

Frenchs Forest Bushland Cemetery is recommencing walking tours of the cemetery for community groups. The tour is offered without cost at the moment and is conducted by experienced volunteer historians with post graduate degrees in history. The tour can be programmed to your group needs and interests. For example the theme of the presentation can be based on Australian, Military, or local history, religious practices, symbolism, inscriptions or flora and fauna. A general tour of up to two hours, would cover aspects of all the above. The information revealed covers only interesting historical and social history data without any unpleasant or inappropriate aspects.

If you would like more details, feel free to contact Beth Robertson robertsonbeth12@yahoo.com.au.

Below there are more specific details for your information:

This cemetery is an outstanding outdoor museum, which offers the casual observer and the serious researcher alike a complete variety of themes. These include the historical, social, architectural, botanical and aesthetic aspects, which can be reflected in any number of cemeteries, but rarely seen together in one location.

Examples are:

  • A variety of all types of memorials from the plaques in the columbarium to the grand and pretentious reflecting architectural and artistic styles over the past 75 years. Also representing the multicultural diversity in the community.
  • Memorials reflecting the power of social and religious groups in the community and listing the economy of the community.
  • A record not only of deaths but births, occupations, achievements, demographic data, military exercises and social and religious practices.
  • Epitaphs ranging from the serious and bland to the personal and absurd.
  • Symbolism representing the religious, social, personal and cultural attitudes of the living who design memorials to the deceased.
  • Interpretive signage detailing the development and history of the cemetery.
  • Flora and fauna preserved in this protected environment representative of the native species in the area. Also many symbolic species planted in the early days of the cemetery to ward away the spirits.
  • Classic Australian literature examples immortalized in signage on the site.
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