Heritage Council NSW: Portraits of New South Wales

Portraits of New South Wales
Portraits of New South Wales

[Image courtesy Office of Environment and Heritage NSW]

Portraits of New South Wales was commissioned by the Heritage Council of NSW to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Heritage Act 1977. Portraits of New South Wales celebrates and highlights the diverse heritage of NSW by telling the stories behind a selection of items on the State Heritage Register.

The text provides a glimpse into the history of New South Wales presented through the places that we value and want to keep.

Some items listed on the register are government owned properties — important items of heritage including courthouses, railway stations, iconic buildings such as the Sydney Opera House and national park landscapes.

Other items are the result of community nominations and campaigns and, in some cases, community discoveries. The M24 Japanese mini submarine, for example, was discovered by divers in waters off Newport Beach, Sydney.
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