Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum: Guided Tours

Lithgow SAF Museum
Lithgow Small Arms Factory Museum

[Image courtesy of Lithgow SAF Museum]

As part of the LithGlow 2018 and National Trust’s Australian Heritage Festival, Lithgow SAF Museum is offering a rare opportunity to walk back in time through the historic Small Arms Factory site.

A guided tour will take you into four old production buildings, one of them the original 1912 Main Workshop where the rifles for World War I soldiers were manufactured. The machines are no longer in place, but the atmosphere and spectre of industry remains. You can almost feel the presence of the workers at their stations.

A feature of the tour is the Museum’s normally non-accessible historic machinery collection that manufactured not only rifles and machine guns, but a myriad of domestic products such as sewing machines, mix masters and shearing handsets.

On Saturday night from 6pm, the factory buildings will come alive with special projections and light displays, including the opportunity to see up close an operational World War II searchlight. The beam projects thousands of metres into the sky and is likely to be seen from Bathurst to the Blue Mountains.

The Museum will open for extended hours on Saturday night with a special program of demonstrations of unique and unusual handguns and how firearms work.

Enjoy all the Museum has to offer! Have a picnic on the lawn behind the Museum, bring your own or light refreshments will be available in the old canteen for purchase.


When: Saturday 12 May and Sunday 13 May from 10am – 4pm
Where: 69 Methven Street, Lithgow (off street parking available)
Cost: $20 per person (includes Museum admission)
Bookings: Tours limited to 12 people per group. Bookings essential.
Contact SAF Museum via email or call 0427 560 238

Lithgow SAF Museum

[Image courtesy of Lithgow SAF Museum)

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