Geotechnical Investigations at History House

G&C Waller Builders: Lachlan Waller (Australian), Tom Maillard (French) and Johan van Zal (Dutch), Thursday 3 August 2017 [Photo: Suzanne Holohan]

Preliminary work on the History House Building Project commenced on Thursday 3 August with a limited excavation of the Phillip Lane loading bay to carry out geotechnical investigations into the foundations of the 1970s addition to the original 1870s heritage building. This addition replaced the rear service wing, which was demolished to build the History House auditorium. The geotechnical investigations will provide the necessary information on the nature of the piles, their location and strength test.

The History House Building project would not be possible without the generous donations from members and supporters. We acknowledge and thank you for your support. For information on how you can support this project please contact us on (02) 9247 8001. Click here to explore the History House Project.


Recently filled in trenches [Photo: Graham Sciberras]

One of the trenches in the garage during excavation [Mott Macdonald Structural Engineers]


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