The Freebird Club is a new travel-based social network for the over 50’s. It is a membership club which enables peer-to-peer social travel and homestays between like-minded people from around the world. Modelled on the “sharing economy”, Freebird Club members can make their spare rooms available to fellow members to come and stay for a nightly rate. While it has been described as something of a ‘Silver Airbnb’, it is much more social than that. Freebird visits always involve staying with a live-in host present, as the focus is as much on enjoying the company as the accommodation. The Freebird Club offers a whole new way of travelling for mature adults, a means to earn extra money through their homes, and a fun accessible way to meet new people and enjoy social and cultural interaction in later life. Founder Peter Mangan came up with the idea when he saw how much enjoyment his father Owen (a widower and retired vet) was getting from interacting with older guests while managing his son’s holiday home in Co. Kerry, Ireland. Owen is now a Freebird host in his own right, and welcoming people on a regular basis to his own home. He enjoys the camaraderie immensely, and finds the additional income a nice bonus.

The Freebird Club has won some major international awards, most recently the 2017 European Social Innovation Tournament. The awards, which recognise innovative projects creating social value and inclusion, are organised annually by the European Investment Bank. This marks the ”European double” for Freebird, having previously won the European Social Innovation Competition run by the European Commission.

Freebird is providing older adults with an opportunity to be part of an international community that will benefit their social, cultural and economic lives. For those over 50 who are keen to engage with like-minded people from around the world, the Freebird Club invites you to join their growing ‘peer-to-peer’ community and be part of the next great social movement for over 50’s. Becoming a member allows people to travel and/or host, experience meaningful social interaction, and establish new friendships as part of a trusted community of socially-minded peers. With its fast growing membership internationally, the Freebird Club is keen to recruit more Australian members, particularly hosts, who may wish to welcome some Freebird guests to their homes.

The Freebird Club is now offering 60% DISCOUNT on its once-off Joining Fee to all Royal Australian Historical Society members who join before 28 February 2018. To avail of this offer, you can visit the Freebird Club website and join using the following voucher code in lieu of payment: RAHS2018.

Here’s how becoming a Freebird Club member benefits you:

  • It’s a fun, accessible way to meet new people, make friends, and enjoy social and cultural interaction as you grow older
  • As a member you can choose to be a guest, a host, or indeed both
  • For those with a spare room, it offers a new source of income in later life
  • You will not just be a member of a travel club, but part of a growing global ‘peer-to-peer’ community
  • Staying with locals (especially elders with the benefit of local history) makes for a more rewarding and authentic travel experience
  • It offers cheaper accommodation options than standard hotels & guesthouses

The Freebird Club has been featured in major international newspapers including the Telegraph (UK), Huffington Post (US) and the Irish Times. You can read their most recent news feature – click here.

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