Encounters 2020

HMS Endeavour off the coast of New Holland, by Samuel Atkins c.1794 [National Library of Australia http://nla.gov.au/nla.obj-135273911]

2020 marks 250 years since Captain James Cook and the HMB Endeavour charted the East Coast of Australia. The Australian National Maritime Museum’s extensive 14 month Encounters 2020 program looks at this historic event and its lasting impact on Modern Australia.

The Museum will journey around the Pacific, meeting the cultures that Cook encountered 250 years ago in exhibitions like HERE: Kupe to Cook, and the National Library of Australia’s Cook and the Pacific.

Paradise Lost: Daniel Solander’s Legacy examines the legacy of the Endeavour botanist Daniel Solander and the first encounter between Sweden and the Pacific Region.

In May the Museum will host the bold Defying Empire exhibition from the National Gallery of Australia which explores the ongoing resilience of Australia’s Indigenous people since first contact, through to the historical fight for recognition and ongoing activism in the present day.

The Museum will also offer a reflection of all seafarers who have explored Australia’s waters through the new Under Southern Stars gallery, due to open in April 2020.

To view a full program of events in 2020, visit: www.sea.museum/2020program

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