Efforts to Save Husky Church

Husky Church [Image courtesy of Save Husky Church Facebook Group]

In early September, a petition was created in an attempt to save Husky Church from being demolished and for Shoalhaven City Council to reconsider the heritage listing of the church and its grounds (Holy Trinity Church Group). The Church was previously listed on the Shoalhaven Local Environment Plan, but in 2006 the Shoalhaven Council voted to remove the Church from the list. The NSW Heritage Office ‘strongly objected’ to this, but the Council argued that there were ‘sufficient and adequate representation of similar items’ retained in the draft plan.

Since September 2018, the petition has now gathered 731 signatures (with a goal of 1000) and great progress has been made by the Save Husky Church Group. The group lodged a formal request to the Heritage Council of NSW which was successful as the Council recommended to the Minister for Heritage Gabrielle Upton, that an Interim Heritage Order be placed on the site. As outlined by the South Coast Register, the ‘purpose of an interim heritage order is to provide a “breathing space” of no more than 12 months during which a full heritage assessment can be completed and provides temporary protection from demolition or development.’

While the Save Husky Church Group are yet to hear of a decision from the Minister for Heritage, it has been established that an important Indigenous leader, known as Bud Billy II, King of Jervis Bay, was buried in the block in 1905. The National Trust of Australia (New South Wales) is currently finalising a proposal for listing the former Huskisson Anglican Church, Hall and Cemetery Site on its National Trust Register.

Despite the progress and discoveries that have been made, the campaign still continues as the DA to demolish the site has not been withdrawn. If you would like to support and follow the campaign to save Husky Church, visit the Save Husky Group’s Facebook page.


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