Central Coast Regional Seminar – Saturday 19 August

Regional Seminar
Regional Seminar

To Gosford (taken from train window) – From the photograph album of L.G. Watt – NSW Board of Fire Commissioners [State Archives and Records NSW]

The Royal Australian Historical Society is staging one of its popular seminars with history-based workshops at Gosford City Lions Hall, East Gosford NSW.

Enjoy this one-day seminar for just $20, with morning tea and lunch provided. For more information and to book online click here.

RAHS President, Associate Professor Carol Liston will draw from the research that she and RAHS Treasurer Kathrine Reynolds are currently undertaking. One of the highlights in ‘Convicts from another angle’ will be a discussion about the convict petitions that are held at The National Archives UK.

In ‘The WWI Soldier’s Return: Was it a land fit for heroes? RAHS Senior Vice President Christine Yeats will discuss two important records relating to the men and women returning from WWI – Australia’s WWI Repatriation files relating to the Australian soldiers physically or mentally disabled by the war and the post-war Soldier Settlement Schemes.

The seminar will wrap up with ‘Research trails’ which will focus on the RAHS ‘Governors’ Ladies’ project; making the best use of Trove (Government Gazettes and newspapers) and the Biographical Database of Australia.

The RAHS 2016-2018 regional seminar program is supported by the NSW Government through Create NSW. For media enquiries and further details contact the RAHS on (02) 9247 8001 or history@rahs.org.au.

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