‘Cooks River – An Unnatural History’

City of Sydney Historical Association presents: ‘Cooks River –  An Unnatural History’  The Cooks River has been the subject of extensive pollution since settlement. The latest in a long line of human transformations that has affected the River concerns the inundation of unsightly plastics – but the river has been abused forever, with flotillas of human refuse that travel with the tides. One of the aims of heritage is to raise awareness of the River as a resource for the people of the … Read More

‘Cruising About Town – The History of the Motor Car in Sydney’

City of Sydney Historical Association presents: ‘Cruising About Town – The History of the Motor Car in Sydney’ This lecture explores the transition from horses to cars and the massive transformation it produced on Sydney’s urban landscape. Photographs ranging from 1900-70 will be examined, highlighting the immense extent and pace the revolution had and its effect on Sydney’s streetscapes. Join Dick Whitaker, weatherman and historian as he tells this exciting story. Date and time: Saturday 13th January, 2pm Venue: Sydney Mechanics … Read More

JOHN MACARTHUR – “Visionary or Villain”

City of Sydney Historical Association September Lecture JOHN MACARTHUR – ‘Visionary or Villain’ Guest Speaker – Patrick Dodd Saturday 9th September at 2.00pm Macarthur is remembered by most people for laying the foundations of the great Australian wool industry. In fact he spent so much time away from home fighting Governors and facing a court martial in England, his practical achievements owe a very great deal to the persistence and loyalty of his wife and sons. He was a complex … Read More


A message from City of Sydney Historical Association: ‘SYDNEY CEMETERIES – A FIELD GUIDE’ It might seem like a strange thing to do but City of Sydney Historian Dr Lisa Murray compares a visit to a cemetery to visiting a sculpture park or museum and encourages everyone to visit cemeteries like they visit their local park. Lisa will talk about her new book and tell us some of the strange and interesting stories of many of Sydney’s cemeteries and the … Read More


An invitation from the City of Sydney Historical Association (COSHA): Peter Edwards is a member of Royal Australian Historical Society (RAHS) and also one of the earliest members of City of Sydney Historical Association. He was a committee member for several years, only resigning when he needed more time to finish his book. After many years of research Peter Edwards has completed his book, The Convict Lottery. You are invited to attend the launch, which has been arranged by City … Read More