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Image from Tamworth Historical Society website: http://www.tamworthhistoricalsocietynsw.org


‘Illuminating the Past’ in Tamworth, NSW (14-15 September)

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Attendees will be treated to a variety of enlightening and informative sessions as we explore Tamworth’s past and the different historical forces that have shaped the region from the nineteenth century to today.

Attendees will discover new resources and techniques to inspire and support your next history project, while also learning about practical skills and strategies to keep the lights on at your local history organisation.

In addition to Tamworth’s history, the conference’s ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ session is sure to entertain, as historians investigate how travelling shows, early cinema and the first domestic appliances shaped Australia’s social history.

Professor Martin Gibbs, whose research interests are in historical and maritime archaeologies of the Australia-Pacific region, will deliver the conference’s Lesley Muir Address.

For more information about our annual conference, including the program, events and activities available, visit:


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