160th Anniversary of Parramatta Park

160th anniversary of Parramatta Park

A message from Parramatta Park

160th anniversary of Parramatta ParkThe area of Parramatta was known by the Darug people as Burramatta (‘Burra’ meaning eel and ‘matta’ meaning creek) and was managed by the Burramatta clan for many thousands of years before European settlement in 1788. The early governors of the British colony established and lived in what is now known as Old Government House – just one of the many heritage-listed buildings that pepper Parramatta Park.

But 160 years ago, in 1858, 246 acres in Parramatta were declared public land and given back to the people, making Parramatta Park one of the oldest public parks in the world.

We think this is cause for celebration and we want to hear from you.

What’s your first memory of Parramatta Park? How long have you been visiting the Park? What has been your favourite Parramatta Park experience? Which part of the Park do you love the most?

Were you there when the Queen visited the Park in 1970, or when Midnight Oil played The Crescent in 1981, or when A.R. Rahman played to 65,000 people in the Cattle Paddock in 2010? Did you see Jack Brabham race around the park in the 1950s, or cheer on the Olympic Torch Relay in 2000?

Whatever your story, you have helped weave Parramatta Park into the fabric of the great and growing city of Parramatta.

If you have a story, please visit our website where you can submit your own story and photo and have it added to our People of Parramatta Park Gallery – an online storyboard about the People’s Park.


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