RAHS/Gwydir Family History Society: Moree Regional Seminar

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Please note: The latest issue (March 2017) of History magazine advertises this seminar as taking place on Saturday 15th July. The date of the seminar has been changed to Saturday 8th July. The RAHS in conjunction with Gwydir Family History Society Inc. presents the Moree Regional Seminar. The seminar program will include: Accessing Land Titles Records: How to access them from home and understand what they mean – Associate Professor Carol Liston will provide advice and guidance to assist researchers … Read More

RAHS Day Lecture – A Complicated Love Affair: An Illustrated History of our Relationship with the NSW Coast

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It is sometimes assumed that we have always loved our coast, so central is modern beach culture to the Australian ‘national identity’. While Aboriginal people have long had an intimate relationship with their coastal countries, the love affair for white Australians took some time to develop. This talk uses artwork, maps and photographs to trace the evolution of attitudes to the NSW coastline. Dr Ian Hoskins’ Sydney Harbour: A History won the 2010 Queensland Premier’s Literary Prize for History. Coast: … Read More

RAHS/WEA Lecture: An Introduction to Social Media – Making it Work for Your Projects

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In this digital age, social media offers so many options for historical societies and anyone with an interest in connecting with others, and sharing and promoting work. Using the RAHS as a case study, Suzanne Holohan, RAHS General Manager, and Graham Sciberras, RAHS Digital Media, will discuss ways in which using social media can be utilised to maximum benefit. Learn about the RAHS’ various social media channels, approaches to advocacy, grant projects and more. Click here to book through WEA. … Read More

RAHS/ASHET Lecture: Woomera and the Anglo-Australian Joint Project

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Woomera Rocket Range! Once it was a name synonymous with high-tech weaponry, Cold War intrigue and the excitement of spaceflight. To mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Woomera Range, space historian Kerrie Dougherty will present an overview of its origin and operation under the Anglo-Australian Joint Project for guided weapons development, from 1947-1980. She will also discuss some of the security issues surrounding Woomera and how the missile research there drew early space-related projects to Australia in … Read More

Copyright Amendment Bill

On 22 March 2017 the Copyright Amendment (Disability Access and Other Measures) Bill was introduced to Parliament. The Bill will end perpetual copyright for unpublished materials. As a result millions of historical manuscripts will be freed into the public domain on 1 January 2019. The Australian Libraries and Copyright Committee released a statement on the tabling of the Copyright Amendment Bill ─ Captain Cook’s Diaries Free Thanks to Copyright Bill. The full Press Statement is available by clicking here. According … Read More

BOOK LAUNCH – ‘Hugh Mahon: Patriot, Pressman, Politician’ Volume I: the years from 1857 to 1901’

You are invited to the launch of ‘Hugh Mahon: Patriot, Pressman, Politician’ Volume I: the years from 1857 to 1901’ by Jeff Kildea (Author of Tearing the Fabric: Sectarianism in Australia 1910-1925 (2002), ANZACS and Ireland (2007) and Wartime Australians: Billy Hughes (2008). The book will be launched by The Hon Bob Carr (formerly Premier of NSW and Minister for Foreign Affairs) at the home of the Royal Australian Historical Society: History House – 133 Macquarie Street, Sydney Wednesday 5 … Read More

Wauchope District Regional Seminar

  The RAHS 2016-2018 regional seminar program is supported by grant funding from Arts NSW. The goal of the program is to develop historical expertise in the community that will help support history and heritage projects. The 2017 RAHS/Wauchope District Regional Seminar program included Land Title Records – Associate Professor Carol Liston; Furnishing your Ancestor’s House – Ms Christine Yeats; Research Tips and Tactics – Carol Liston and Christine Yeats.

An Evening with ASHET: 1914 Grand Prix Delage – Resurrecting a Sole Survivor

Spend an evening with our friends from the Australian Society for History of Engineering and Technology (ASHET) and guest speaker Philip Guilfoyle on Tuesday 28th February at History House: ‘1914 Grand Prix Delage – Resurrecting a Sole Survivor’ Hear the story of the resurrection of the only surviving 1914 Grand Prix Delage car in the world – a vehicle of technical and historical significance – using digital technology and additive manufacturing to re-manufacture the engine block casting. These methods can … Read More