RAHS/WEA Lecture: An Introduction to Social Media – Making it Work for Your Projects

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In this digital age, social media offers so many options for historical societies and anyone with an interest in connecting with others, and sharing and promoting work. Using the RAHS as a case study, Suzanne Holohan, RAHS General Manager, and Graham Sciberras, RAHS Digital Media, will discuss ways in which using social media can be utilised to maximum benefit. Learn about the RAHS’ various social media channels, approaches to advocacy, grant projects and more. Image: Photograph submitted to the RAHS … Read More

RAHS/ASHET Lecture: Woomera and the Anglo-Australian Joint Project

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Woomera Rocket Range! Once it was a name synonymous with high-tech weaponry, Cold War intrigue and the excitement of spaceflight. To mark the 70th anniversary of the establishment of the Woomera Range, space historian Kerrie Dougherty will present an overview of its origin and operation under the Anglo-Australian Joint Project for guided weapons development, from 1947-1980. She will also discuss some of the security issues surrounding Woomera and how the missile research there drew early space-related projects to Australia in … Read More

RAHS/Wauchope District Regional Seminar

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The RAHS in conjunction with Wauchope District Historical Society Inc. presents the Wauchope District Regional Seminar. The seminar program will include: Accessing Land Titles Records: How to access them from home and understand what they mean – Associate Professor Carol Liston will provide advice and guidance to assist researchers in accessing and using the historically significant records that Land and Property Information is making available through its SIX Portal – the official source of NSW geospatial information, which also provides … Read More

RAHS/OHNSW Workshop – Capturing Memories: Oral History in the Digital Age

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A practical workshop for all interested in recording the experiences of family, friends, local community, history of museum items or any other project incorporating memories of the past. Are you interested in recording the memories of your family, your community or your workplace? Then come along to this very popular and informative workshop to equip you to undertake oral history interviews. Workshop leaders will be Pauline Curby, an experienced oral historian and Andrew Host, whose 35 years experience as a … Read More

RAHS Day Lecture: Writing ‘New South Wales and the Great War’

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Naomi Parry, co-author of New South Wales and the Great War, will discuss the impact of the First World War on the ordinary citizens of NSW, not just in the theatres of combat but at home in our cities, towns and rural communities, and reveal some of the treasures from the collections of the State Library of New South Wales, State Records NSW, the Anzac Memorial in Hyde Park and regional libraries and museums, that guided the writing of the book. … Read More

RAHS/ASHET Lecture: Case Study 1914 Grand Prix Delage – Resurrecting a Sole Survivor

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This is the story of the resurrection of the only surviving 1914 Grand Prix Delage car in the world – a vehicle of technical and historical significance – using digital technology and additive manufacturing to re-manufacture the engine block casting. These methods can be applied to other low volume or specialised projects. Philip Guilfoyle, the 1914 GP Delage Project Manager, is an Industrial Designer with 28 years’ experience in engineering and R&D management. He is an independent consultant (Vintage Restoration … Read More


‘WOMEN’S BUSINESS: MIDWIVES ON THE MID NORTH COAST OF NSW TO 1950’ by Noeline Kyle The book details the training, careers, family life, business enterprises, travel to and between towns/villages, friendships and partnerships with other midwives or nurses, community participation and their contribution to the profession and their communities of more than 200 midwives and the 70 hospitals they established or managed. Normally $35, Noeline is offering a pre publication purchase price of $25 if purchased before 22 May 2017. … Read More


In November 2016 RAHS Guest Speaker Dr Charmaine Robson was kind enough to allow us to record her presentation ‘The Derby Leprosarium and its Aboriginal Inmates’, which we can now share with our members and friends on the RAHS YouTube Channel. In 1936, when Hansen’s disease (leprosy) in the Kimberley region of Western Australia became a cause for concern to state and federal governments, a leprosarium was built near the town of Derby for the detention and treatment of Indigenous … Read More