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Apart from any use permitted by the Copyright Act (including fair dealing) or by the licence contained in the following paragraph, the material on this website may not be downloaded, printed, emailed, stored in cache or otherwise reproduced without the written permission from the Royal Australian Historical Society.

Unless otherwise stated, you may access, download, print, reproduce and distribute content on this website for individual or non-commercial use provided that the copyright ownership is acknowledged. Material must not be altered in any way without written permission from the Royal Australian Historical Society.

Permission to use material

Written permission from the Royal Australian Historical Society must be obtained to use material from which you expect to derive commercial benefit or profit, or which communicates material into prominent public notice (through publicity campaigns etc).

Requests for permission should be directed to the Royal Australian Historical Society librarian, Donna Newton, by email – library@rahs.org.au.

If you use any material from this site, please acknowledge the Royal Australian Historical Society as the source of that material.

Flickr Commons

The Royal Australian Historical Society is a member of Flickr Commons. Royal Australian Historical Society images that are part of The Commons are marked as “no known copyright restrictions” indicating that the Society is unaware of any current copyright restrictions on the works so designated, either because the term of copyright may have expired without being renewed or because no evidence has been found that copyright restrictions apply.

Users may download or print off these images for research, artistic or other personal use. They are provided on the condition that the images, if reproduced or distributed, will be clearly attributed to the collection of the Royal Australian Historical Society; and that they will not be used for any commercial or for-profit purposes without the permission of the Royal Australian Historical Society.

More Information

General information about copyright law in Australia is available from the Australian Copyright Council.

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